How to Contact Your Ex Girlfriend After the Break Up

How to Contact Your Ex Girlfriend After the Break Up Most guys trying to get back with an ex girlfriend have the most trouble initiating contact. When a girl breaks up with you, it’s not always easy to know what to do. When do you call her? What can you say to get your ex back? These are tough questions, because making the wrong moves can destroy your chances of winning your girlfriend back.

When it comes to making ex girlfriend contact, timing is everything. Do it too soon and you’ll come off as desperate or pushy. Wait too long, and your ex could have moved on. After breaking up with you, there will still be residual feelings in your girlfriend’s heart. By playing on these emotional ties, you can gently pull your ex back in your direction. You need to do this in a subtle way that allows her to realize she still loves you, but also that she came to this realization all on her own.

Before you contact your ex girlfriend, understand that your break up won’t be fixed overnight. You need

How to Know If Your Boyfriend Cheated on You

How to Know If Your Boyfriend Cheated on YouInfidelity is the all-time biggest destroyer of relationships. Finding out your boyfriend cheated on you will make you hurt and angry, but even more so if you learn he’s been seeing another girl for quite some time. If you suspect your boyfriend might be cheating, you’ll want to know the truth – one way or the other. This guide will show you how.

So, how do you know if your boyfriend has been unfaithful? Certainly there are ways to hide it. Guys can be very sneaky when it comes to messing around behind your back, and the more careful they are the harder it is to detect cheating. Over time though, as such a relationship progresses undetected, the cheater becomes comfortable. He gets sloppy, and makes mistakes. This is where you’ll catch him… but by this time, it’s way too late. The damage is done, and you cannot save the relationship.

To learn for sure whether or not your boyfriend is cheating, you have to gather your own evidence. He’s not going to outright tell you, and it’s rare that you’ll catch

Your Girlfriend Just Wants to Be Friends – What to Do Next

  Your Girlfriend Just Wants to Be Friends – What to Do NextYou want to still date her… but she’d rather be friends. Find out how to handle it when your girlfriend starts pushing you into the friend zone, and what you can do to make her see you as a boyfriend again.

You’re in love, you’re dating, and suddenly from out of nowhere your girlfriend seems distant and detached. You ask what’s wrong, and you get the cold shoulder. A day or two later, she sits you down for the most dreaded speech in all of dating: “I think we’d be better off as friends”.

If this is where you’re at right now, you’re in a pretty bad place. Your girlfriend hasn’t just broken up with you, she’s actually gone and demoted you to a position of friendship. Here you sit, powerless and alone, unable to move toward getting her back yet afraid to break contact completely for fear of losing her for good. So what should you do?

Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Want To Be Friends With You

First things

How to Stop Your Breakup If Your Boyfriend Wants a Break

It always comes from out of nowhere: your boyfriend wants to take a break from your relationship. Is he mad at you? Bored? Or does he just want to see other people? If you want to keep your boyfriend from becoming an exboyfriend, you’ll need to act fast. Learn what to do when your boyfriend asks for some time apart.

Getting your boyfriend back after he dumps you can be difficult. But when he demands a “break” from the relationship, in some ways it’s even harder. Knowing exactly what he wants isn’t easy, because he’s asking for a separation… but at the same time he hasn’t fully broken up with you either. This can leave your relationship hanging in a lame sort of limbo, and confusion usually follows.

Understand that when a guy asks to take some time away from your relationship, he generally knows why. If he’s being vague or evasive with his answer, it’s probably because he wants to see someone else. He’s looking to try out a new relationship, but wants to keep you on hold while he does it. It’s comforting to him to know where you are, so he can find

Need A Way To Find Out If Someone Is Cheating? Here’s How To Get The Truth!

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like your spouse was cheating on you, but you had no idea whether or not it was true? Having a spouse that cheats can be one of the worst experiences that a person can go through, and can have devastating emotional effects upon a person that can last for years. One of the hardest things about these situations is when you have a suspicion, but you have no way of knowing whether or not it’s true.

If this is a situation you are in currently, then I’m going to show you today how you can easily know whether or not your loved one is remaining faithful to you or not. All you have to do is follow some simple steps, and everything will be made perfectly clear, and there won’t be any secrets anymore.

The wondering, the worrying, the anxiety from it all can be overwhelming to a person inside, and after a while it can eat at you until you’re ready to break emotionally. Because of this, it’s important to figure out quickly whether or not there’s any validity to the suspicions.

You are definitely going to need

Boyfriend Wants Space? Stop Your ‘Break’ From Becoming a Breakup

 Every relationship has ups and downs, but what does it mean when your boyfriend wants space? Is he looking to break up with you, or will some time apart actually help your relationship? Find out what you can do to prevent your break from becoming a breakup.

“I think I need some space…”

Finding out your boyfriend wants some time alone is never an easy thing. Maybe you sensed it… or maybe it came as acomplete surprise to you. Either way, the above phrase can easily send you straight into panic mode, if you don’t know how to handle it correctly.

So what is your boyfriend really asking for? Is he breaking up with you, or is he coming back? How much space is enough, and when should you expect to get back together? These questions are all good ones, but they won’t be easily answered. Yet pressing for those answers, especially right now, is a really bad move.

He Wants To Spend Time Apart – Your First Moves

When your boyfriend announces his intention to ‘take time off’ from your relationship, the worst thing you can do is crowd or chase him. Hounding him for answers

Recovering From the End of a Relationship

Whether you were left by someone, or whether you were the one who walked away, the ending of a relationship is usually a heartbreaking experience for both people. Even relationships that are ended by mutual agreement can still leave a person feeling lost and incomplete somehow. Feelings of failure, being unlovable, of not knowing who you are without your partner, as well as many other painful emotions can make it hard to carry on.

If you’ve just come out of a relationship you might feel like you will ever be the same again. By this people usually mean that they will never feel good again, or will never feel whole again. The truth is, you won’t ever be the same, but that is not a bad thing. The emptiness you are feeling, although it hurts right now, is the space in which new insights and inspiration can grow. Also, although it probably feels like your partner has taken away a part of you that you won’t ever get back; you have also gained something from that relationship that you would never have found had you not met that person.

Your Journey is Not Over

As in all areas of life, when

How Can I Get My Ex Back?

A common question many people ask at some point in their lives is this: How can I get my ex back? If you are smiling because you have never had to say this, well, then good for you! Perhaps you have never suffered the sadness and heartbreak of being jilted by someone you still love. Or perhaps experienced a break-up but you have moved on. However, for many people around the world, that attachment to their former lover is so deep and strong that they cannot see themselves without their other half. On occasion, this kind of feeling becomes almost an obsession that must be either crushed once and for all or nurtured.

It is a well-known fact that breakups can be very depressing, a feeling that most of us will go to great lengths to avoid. But we also know that it is just wishful thinking to suppose that we will never experience the pain of a breakup. Because of human nature, it is almost inevitable that we will face this difficulty if we have any sort of meaningful romantic relationship. However, a breakup does not, necessarily, mean the end

How to Make Free Dating Sites Work For You

Many people don’t go to free dating sites because they don’t want to deal with the lack of features and the inactive user database. Fortunately, there are ways to get around these annoyances. Keep reading to find out how you can make the best out of free dating sites so you don’t have to spend a bundle to find the love of your life.

How to Work Free Dating Sites

When you first sign up for free dating websites, you’ll usually go right into designing your profile. For some free dating sites, the profiles are basic and don’t allow you to add much information to them.

You can deal with these restrictions by simply choosing the most important information to feature. For instance, if you want to meet someone who is a nonsmoker, make sure to choose that characteristic to feature on your profile.

If you can’t choose certain characteristics to feature, don’t worry too much. You may be able to type in a small amountof text to include any information you want.

Make Your Profile Photo Speak for You

For a profile photo, make sure to choose one that not only looks like you but also shows

Evaluating The State of Your Relationship

 For lots of girls, you will find certain concrete landmarks that can define and solidify the state of a relationship. Things may start with the very first date, but the following landmark comes when the two of you say, “I love you” to each other. If things progress after that, then going in together comes next, with union because the supreme goal.

It is that nebulous stage in between the very first date and the “I love you” stage that often creates lots of confusion. Finding out where you stand together with your guy can be hard, particularly if you think that referring to it is embarrassing. Asking a man where you stand can truly be considered a relationship killer, merely just because a largeamount of men do not need to take into account such things. Quite a lot of men prefer to take a relationship day by day, in much the same manner that a major league baseball player discusses concentrating on one game at any given time. Long term planning, particularly as of this early stage, might be premature.

One of the more common landmarks in the initial phases of a relationship is the

Social Media and Relationships: Can You Handle the Temptation?

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram; that’s just to name a few social media networks that have revolutionized our society in recent years.

The idea of social media seemed like a fad when MySpace and Black Planet came on to the scene years ago. But, this has been proven to be wrong; very wrong.

Social media networks have consumed the way in which we communicate as a culture, especially in the dating scene. Dating isn’t what is used to be since the evolution of making relationships “Facebook official” or the increase of “inbox relationships.”

Social media and relationships have become both friends and enemies. Dating has become easier as the initial awkward conversation between a man and a woman is almost completely eliminated.

Instead of relying on their natural ability to converse, they have the opportunity to type, delete, retype, and proofread a message before hitting the “Send” button to create an almost perfect first impression.

On the other hand, social media and relationships have had their share of downs as well. Social media has created a pool of single and available people for those who have a tendency to be unfaithful, making it even harder for them to be

Get Into a Relationship for the Right Reasons

Some people get into a relationship so they do not have to be alone. This is not a good idea. Getting into a relationship with someone just so you are with someone doesn’t always work out. A person should get into a relationship for the right reasons.

Getting into a relationship with someone for the sake of not being by yourself can cause problems down the road. What happens if you pick the wrong person? Let’s say you choose someone and you get married. After five or six months, you start to realize that you made a mistake in selecting this person. What do you do now?

A lot of times, our worrying can make the problem even worse. All the worrying in the world will not change anything. All you can do is to do your best each day, hope for the best, and when something does happen, take it in stride.

Spending some time with animals can help you to feel better. Get a pet or volunteer at your local animal shelter. Walking or petting the animals can be very effective in managing loneliness. Animals are a great source for companionship.

Determine what you like to

Couples Therapy With Trauma and Abuse Survivors

We all come into relationships with past issues. Trust,ability to be intimate, anger management, mental and physical health limitations and childhood trauma are among the most common. Each issue colors, although in a different way, how we deal with current stressors and disagreements. This article will look at how having a partner who has survived childhood abuse (sexual, emotional, physical) can affect the relationship.

First let me say that I believe that people are unconsciously attracted to those whose psychological challenges fit together with their own. Their backgrounds may be entirely different, but a couple’s strengths and deficits interconnect in a way that feels familiar – feels “like home”. So I never look at a couple, where one of them has experiencedchildhood trauma, and think that that particular person has a problem and the other doesn’t. Yet, I often receive calls from partners of childhood abuse survivors saying, ” We are having problems – can you fix him/her?” My answer is always the same: “I can’t fix anybody, but I can look at how you two interact and hopefully help you both modify your behaviors“. If the person I am speaking

Do Not Get Depressed in Finding Someone to Date

It can get very depressing when trying to find the right person to date. Many people have to go through a lot of dates to find the right person, however this can make anyone depressed. As a result, here are some steps that a person can take to increase their chances of finding the right person to date.

The first step is to find a group that has does something that you like. For instance, you are interested in doing volunteer work for the church and you like to find somebody with a similar interest. You should then go to your local church and join one of their groups. This will increase your chances of finding someone with similar interests.

Try finding a good dating service and take a test that will help you find somebody of similar interests and expectations. Ask your friends if they know of any good services. Do your homework and check for the company’s credentials and then go from there.

Do not let your negative thinking get the best of you. When you are depressed, you will tend to think of negative things. When this happens remind yourself that worry exaggerates the

Is Staying Friends With Your Ex Girlfriend a Good Idea?

Imagine this scenario: your girlfriend dumps you, but wants to remain friends. You still get to talk, email each other, hang out together… it’s like you never broke up! Great, right? Umm… not exactly. Because if you’re trying to get back an ex girlfriend, being friends with her is the worst idea imaginable. Find out why becoming buddies with your ex always leads to bad things, and how you can avoid the friendship trap.

You’ll find a ton of articles that take you by the hand and show you how to stay friendly with your exgirlfriend after your relationship ends. This definitely isn’t one of them. Unlike the rest of those guides, this one recognizes that if you’re reading this right now… you’re here because you still have feelings for your ex girlfriend. Why deny it? Covering up your true emotions and then pretending to enjoy your ex’s company in a friendship type situation is a long, miserable road that leads absolutely nowhere. You’ll be further and further estranged from any type of romantic connection as you get to watch your girl move on with other guys.

Well I’m here to slap the friendship out of your hand and put

My Ex Still Loves Me But Won’t Take Me Back

 Breakups aren’t always a permanent thing. If your ex says he or she still loves you, there’s always the chance for reconciliation. But what should you do if they refuse to get back together?

Even worse, breaking up is very few times ever cut and dry. People break up every single day, only to re-examine and even reconsider their emotions and feelings for each other. These people end up getting back together and giving things another shot, because they loved and missed each other – and the times they shared.

In some cases your ex boyfriend or girlfriend will continue to love you, even after breaking things off. Oddly enough, they might even tell you. So what does it mean when your ex still has feelings for you, yet doesn’t want to rekindle a full-fledged relationship?

What it REALLY Means When Your Ex Says They Love You

After a breakup, emotions will always be guarded. Your ex won’t always tell you exactly what he or she is feeling, and it’s sometimes hard to know whether or not they still care. In trying to get back with your ex, this is a major stumbling block. Knowing their

Fast Ways to Get Your Ex Back After a Breakup

 When you’re going through a breakup, it’s all you can think about: getting your ex back as quickly as possible. So what methods are best at getting fast results? Can you really make quick adjustments that start working right away?

Losing your boyfriend or girlfriend can be crushing. Getting them back can be an uphill climb. Somewhere in between, you’re stuck in a limbo of bad ideas and failed attempts… you’re not sure what to do, but you know that whatever you’ve been doing sure hasn’t worked yet.

At this point, you might feel your relationship slipping through your fingers. You’re looking for fast ways to win back your boyfriend or girlfriend, and most of all, you’re looking for immediate results.

Well cheer up, because as much as getting back with an ex can be a waiting game, there are also things you can do to speed up the process. The more proactive you are right now ,the easier it will be to fix your breakup later on… and the quicker you and your ex can be back together again.

Using Counter-Rejection Techniques To Make Your Ex Want You

Whether you like it or not, a big

When is It Okay to Call Her? Contacting Your Ex Girlfriend

Every break up has the potential for reconciliation… as long as you know when and how to make your approach. Making contact with your ex girlfriend after she dumps you can be tricky, and timing is crucial. Do it too soon, and you’re going to push her away. Wait too long, and you risk losing your girlfriend to someone else.

When you girlfriend breaks up with you, it’s easy to feel lost. You’ll want to reach out and try to get her back, but at the same time you probably realize she needs some space. So when should you call her? How long should you wait before contacting your ex girlfriend, and most of all, what should you say?

Neither one of these questions are easy. While every situation will be different, there are still some hard and fast rules for initiating contact with your ex, depending upon how long it’s been since she broke up with you.

When Should I Call Her?

Immediately after she breaks things off is actually the worst time to get in touch with your ex. Sitting home alone you’ll do a lot of thinking… you’ll be brainstorming ways to get her back.

What If My Girlfriend Wants a Break?

  Dealing with a break up is one thing, but what if your girlfriend thinks you need “a break” from each other? Are you broken up or not? What exactly does she mean, and when will you get back together again? If you want to prevent your break from becoming a break up, you’ll need to know exactly what to do. Learn how to turn your girlfriend’s whole way of thinking around, and make her want you back.

Taking a break is great when you’re working, exercising, or playing sports. But in a relationship? A break is usually a sign of bad things to come. If your girlfriend has asked that the two of you take a break from your relationship, it probably came from out of left field. Don’t worry, this is common. She’s been thinking about things for a while now, but hasn’t figured out a way to approach you to resolve them. And she’s also not entirely sure of what she wants to do.

There’s good news, however. The fact that your girlfriend wants a break and not a breakup means that she still values your relationship. She still has feelings for you, and is trying to decide

Tips To Know If You Are Ready To Retire From Being Single

Spending life with the one person that you love the most is truly amazing. However, how will you know if you are already prepared to get married? Do not ever consider love as the sole reason because yes you may feel strong love towards this person today but are you sure you will feel the same thing few years from now? It is not advisable to decide hastily or in a heartbeat, as some people would say. Marriage is such a serious matter that needs long and careful decision-making.

Many couples nowadays get married after only few months of meeting each other and guess what happens next. They will also get divorced after only few months of being married. Do you think everything is easy like that? Marriage is a sacred thing therefore, you need to make sure that you are fully ready to enter this phase in your life. Here are some tips to know if you are already ready for marriage:

Are you willing to be committed for the rest of your life – marriage is a lifetime commitment. Do not ever think about divorce as an emergency exit that you could always take